Festive range

Our festive range

Our selection of free-range poultry for festive occasions

For more than 80 years, Ronsard has made its mark as a quality brand, due to our rigorous selection of Red Label and PDO poultry for festive occasions.

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Thanks to the diversity of our production areas (Landes, Bresse, South-West, Ain, Orléanais) and a great variety of types of bird (capons, poulardes, guinea fowl, guinea fowl capons, turkeys, chickens), at Ronsard we offer a unique range of poultry that will make your Christmas and New Year festivities a memorable occasion.

With its tender, flavoursome meat, our Red Label free-range turkey is undoubtedly the star of the show.

Our Red Label free-range poularde (fattened hen) is grown for at least 120 days before it goes on display for the end-of-year celebrations, ensuring that it is an especially tender and full-flavoured bird. Favourable for any festive occasion!

Our Red Label free-range capon is also an exceptional bird, fattened on dairy products in keeping with age-old tradition. This gives the meat a marbled smoothness and an incomparable flavour for an unforgetable Christmas meal.

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Our selection of standard poultry

At Ronsard, we offer a range of whole turkeys to maintain the true Chistmas tradition. Quality French poultry that will stimulate your creativity in the kitchen.

Centerpiece of the dining-table, beautifully tender, it can be simply roasted or stuffed according to your taste and appetite.


Our stuffed poultry

A selection of stuffed birds to enjoy in company, available fresh or frozen.

Whether you prefer a traditional stuffing or something completely different, we invite you and your family to enjoy a wealth of flavours. At Ronsard, we are committed to sourcing festive poultry of French origin and supplying a hand-crafted end product.

Our cooked stuffings are prepared using quality ingredients that perfectly complement the tenderness of turkey meat or the subtle taste of a guinea fowl.

If you love culinary tradition, nothing could be easier than to choose from our varied recipes featuring prunes, sweet chestnuts or mushrooms.

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As well as insisting on excellence, Ronsard aims to offer consumers some new, ground-breaking and supremely tasty recipes each year.

For Christmas 2015, the Ronsard chef has come up with two new stuffings which will tickle the most demanding tastebuds, in a recipe inspired by Genoa-style pâtisserie.

You will be amazed by our cranberry-based stuffing, while our foie-gras-and-spices Christmas stuffing will delight those who aspire to the ultimate fine dining experience.

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Our individual stuffed poultry portions

To comply with contemporary trends, we are offering a selection of smaller portions, ideal for a festive meal with your partner or just a friend or two. These products will be making their debut in the shops in mid-November.

Because the festive season is a time to spoil yourself, we are launching two new products inspired by the world of pâtisserie.

Push the boat out with our delicious fondants!

Or be tempted by our mini Yule logs!

These products come in packs of 4 or 10 and are available fresh or frozen for your convenience.