Delicate, tasty and full of flavour, turkey meat is an excellent source of protein. Turkey breast, thighs, roast turkey, cutlets... you are really spoilt for choice. Thanks to its nutritional properties, turkey meat can be a key element in a balanced diet.

Our oven-ready turkeys

The central component of a festive meal, especially at Christmas, a whole turkey always goes down well with discerning eaters.

Our turkey joints

  • Our white-meat portions

White-meat portions of turkey are popular with the whole family, very easy to cook and very wholesome. They are beloved by children... and their mothers!

At Ronsard we market an extensive range of carefully prepared breast-meat portions (x2, x3, x6, fine or extra-fine).


  • Our dark-meat portions

We also offer a wide choice of dark-meat portions for roasting, casseroling or grilling.

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Our EXPORT turkey

Ronsard is a major player in the export market, shipping frozen turkeys.

We market a wide range of birds packaged in bags of different formats for turkeys of different weights (from 2.5kg baby turkeys to 11kg birds).

dinde_junge_pute FROZEN TURKEY NF

As turkey is considered the traditional dish par excellence in Germany, we also produce a marinated half-turkey (a turkey crown) for the German market. It comes in an aluminium tray, all ready to pop in the oven.