Our free-range poultry

Our free-range poultry

Established at the heart of a region famed for its gastronomy, Ronsard Bresse produces a wide range of high-quality poultry of excellent reputation. Its hinterland includes:

  • the Bresse region itself with its celebrated PDO “poulet de Bresse”
  • The Ain department with its Label Rouge and PGI free-range poultry
  • The Charolais area with its Label Rouge and PGI free-range birds
  • The Dombes district with its Label Rouge free-range poultry
  • Burgundy (Bourgogne) with its Label Rouge and PGI poultry

Our Bresse poultry

The Bresse is a region of great culinary traditions, famed as the world’s farmyard! Even its farm buildings are distinctive.

The Bresse regions is proud to claim the world’s only chicken holding PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status, which certifies the quality of its produce. This puts the region right at the apex of the global poultry pyramid.

Chefs of international reputation, such as Georges Blanc, not to mention local festivals, have helped to make the region’s flavoursome culinary treasures more widely known. The Glorieuses de Bresse poultry festival will be taking place in December.

Find out more about the Glorieuses de Bresse: http://www.glorieusesdebresse.com/


Our Poulet de Bresse

Ronsard Bresse is licensed to slaughter the Poulet de Bresse, the only breed of poultry to have been granted Protected Designation of Origin status over the last fifty years, partly because it is reared with enormous expertise in a unique terroir where no one would dare trifle with quality.


A prize-winning bird

2014 : Bronze Medal in the Poulet de Bresse category

Bronze 2014

This high-quality bird must meet a very strict criteria regarding its breeding, rearing, diet and finishing (“en épinette”/in a wooden crate fed on milk and maize). Pride of the region, the Poulet de Bresse is an iconic product.

It is easily recognisable by its colouring:

  • Red, heavily-serrated comb, red wattles, white or red-dusted ear coverts
  • Entirely white plumage, including the neck feathers
  • Fine blue feet, completely smooth

Special identity coding for identifying Bresse Poultry:

  • Ring with the full name and address of the producer, attached to the bird’s left leg;
  • Three-colour seal attached to the base of the neck, bearing the full name or company name of the shipper who processed the chicken;
  • PDO label and logo25]
  • Identifying seal for capons and fattened hens.

bresse_poulet_nu bresse_comite


Our Bresse poultry for festive occasions

To light up the menu on festive occasions, Ronsard Bresse proposes iconic products such as: Poulet de Bresse, poularde (fattened hen), capon and turkey.

Poularde de Bresse: the most tender, the most delicate.


Capon de Bresse: the most melt-in-the-mouth, the most flavoursome.


Turkey de Bresse: the black pearl, the Bresse turkey, the only turkey granted PDO status, is the festive bird par excellence.


Our free-range poultry from the Ain area

Consisting of four distinct territories – Bresse, Dombes, Bugey and Pays de Gex, each with its own character – the Ain was the home of celebrated epicure Brillat Savarin. These areas boast a wealth of good things (frogs, wines, carp, quenelles sauce Nantua, truffles, clon cheese, galettes de Pérouges), which have given the Ain its reputation as a gourmet’s paradise.

Free-range Ain poultry, produced under PGI status, are reared exclusively within the boundaries of the department and adjoining cantons.

The birds, which have a fine, delicate skin and are appreciated for their tender, soft meat and incomparable flavour, are distributed under the Ronsard name, bearing the logo “Fermier de l’Ain”

They are distinguished by two quality indicators:

  • The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) designation, guaranteeing that they come from the Ain department and its neighbouring cantons.
  • The Label Rouge guaranteeing the superior quality of birds reared to a rigorous specification, compliant with the following principles:Farmyard breeds selected for their slow growth rate,Freedom to run in the open, on grassy, well-shaded meadows,

    Diet consisting 100% of plant material (75% cereals), vitamins and minerals,

    Twice the lifespan of standard poultry, to ensure that the meat is firmer, less fatty and more flavoursome

label_rouge  igp

Ronsard offers a full range of chickens and guinea fowl throughout the year, as well as capons, turkeys and fattened hens during the festive season.

“Fermier de l’Ain” chickens are a traditional bare-necked breed and are allowed to grow slowly for at least 81 days. This makes them hardy birds with delicate meat and an unrivalled flavour.

Reared outdoors in grassy, well-shaded meadows for at least 94 days, our guinea fowl are also supremely tender.

an_poulet_pac_nu  ain_pintade_pac_nu

Our free-range Ain poultry for festive occasions

Ronsard produces a full range of capons, turkeys and poulardes (fattened hens) to make your celebrations go with a swing.

Our free-range poultry from the Charolais area

The Charolais is a geographical area taking in the Saône-et-Loire department, to the west of the River Saône, and some neighbouring cantons in the Loire and Allier departments.

It has been granted PGI status for the production of Label Rouge Charolais poultry.

Our Charolais chicken is a classic, hardy breed, black in colour and bare-necked, with a fine “country” flavour. It is known for its fine-grained skin and the quality of its meat. Reared outdoors in large grassy plots with plenty of shade for 81 days, our free-range chickens boast GPI Charolais status. They are fed on a diet consisting of 100% plant material (75% cereals and at least 20% wheat), minerals and vitamins.

Backed by a full and rigorous specification, involving checks at all stages of the production process, the expression “superior quality” is fully justified, a guarantee for consumers in search of a traditional product rooted in a local area with an impeccable reputation.

poulet_fermier_charolais  label_rouge  igp

Our free-range chicken from the Dombes area

The Dombes with its lakes and ponds has always been a farming area. Devoted to their land, the local farmers are determined to respect not only their traditions but also the natural landscapes of this region in developing a sustainable poultry industry.

The Poulet de la Dombes is a black breed, raised in the Dombes, a region of lakes and ponds lying between Bourg-en-Bresse and Lyon. The region has a unique, unspoiled ecosystem.

The local chickens are reared outdoors, in accordance with ancestral tradition, with access to vast grassy areas, with plenty of shade and small hen houses for shelter. They are fed on a natural, cereal-based diet, including vitamins and minerals, as well as potatoes and lucerne.

The breed is characterised by black plumage and ash-grey legs and feet. Slow growth ensures that the meat of this bird is of amazing quality.

The skin is fine-grained, the meat tender and flavoursome.

The Label Rouge Dombes chicken is an exclusive product of our Bourg en Bresse site.

POULET FERMIER NOIR   label_rouge   igp

Our Burgundy free-range chicken ("Le Savoureux")

Our “Le Savoureux” free-range chickens boasts PGI “Bourgogne” status and benefit from all the expertise and hard work of our Burgundy farmers.

The description “superior quality” is fully justified, a guarantee for consumers in search of a traditional product originating from a local area with an impeccable reputation.

This breed, with black plumage and a bare neck, is specially selected for its slow growth.

Our “Bourgogne” poultry enjoy a diet consisting at least 75% of cereals, which includes 20% maize.

The “Le Savoureux” free-range chicken is produced exclusively at our Bourg en Bresse site.

Poulet noir cou nu Le Savoureux  label_rouge   igp