Our free-range poultry

Our free-range poultry

For historical reasons, poultry rearing is still an important factor in Brittany’s geographical and cultural identity.

The farms on which our Lande de Bretagne chickens are raised lie in a geographical area restricted to four Breton départements: Finistère, Morbihan, Côtes d’Armor and Ille et Vilaine, and also the département of Loire-Atlantique.


Our Lande de Bretagne black free-range chicken

In Brittany, our poultry are raised following traditional methods typical of the region.


A real natural flavour

Raised outdoors, our black chickens are free to roam over large grassy areas with plenty of shade in which to take refuge from the sun.


The satisfaction of work well done

As a result of our efforts, our black free-range chickens have been granted Label Rouge status, an official guarantee of superior quality. From the moment an egg hatches to time the chicken appears on a retailer’s shelf, our Lande de Bretagne black free-range hens undergo many checks to ensure they are of the highest quality.

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The slow pace at which our chickens are reared and the diet on which they are fed means that their meat is both firm and tender, low in fat and full of flavour. Their lifespan is at least 81 days (twice that of standard poultry) and they enjoy a diet consisting 100% of plant material (75% cereals), minerals and vitamins.

Free-range birds providing first-class meat, firm and delicate in flavour, that will appeal to young and old alike.


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