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Birds bearing the “Orléanais” label are the main source of free-range poultry from the central region of France.

The Orléanais production area is historically defined by three French départements and their adjointing cantons: Loiret, Loir-et-Cher and Eure-et-Loir.

Poultry here are raised following traditional methods and are characteristic of their region of origin:

• Birds of traditional slow-growing French strains.

• Birds raised in the open on grassy, well-shaded land.

• A diet consisting 100% of plant material, minerals and vitamins.

• A lifespan of at least 81 days (twice that of poultry raised in standard conditions).

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Grown for at least 100 days, the blue-footed Authentique is a heavy breed with firm, succulent meat. Fed on dairy products in the latter stages of its life, it is exceptionally delicious.

A prize-winning bird

2015 : Gold Medal for Red Label free-range blue-foot Authentique chicken.

2011 : Bocuse d'Or for Label Rouge free-range blue-foot Authentique chicken.

or   Bocuse d'or 2011


Original in terms of taste and the colour of the meat, free-range Orléanais chickens and guinea fowl are high-quality birds.

A prize-winning bird

2015 : Bronze Medal for free-range guinea fowl


”Le Président” is a premium chicken with a free-range pedigree. A quality farmyard bird with tastier flesh and firmer texture. Excellent in appearance, with attractive fine-grained skin, the Président makes a flavoursome meal.

A prize-winning bird

2014 : Bronze Medal for "Le Président" chicken portions


Bronze 2014

Leader in the market for halal meat in Europe, France has 7 million potential consumers. Ronsard is a committed player and expert in the market for halal poultry, producing a single brand: “Le Minaret”.

All our Minaret-range products are approved by a widely recognised certification body: the Evry Mosque.