The supply chain

Managing the supply chain

From field to plate!”

For us, having an intimate knowledge of our product means developing a close relationship with our farmers. This is why we are committed to establishing a complete traceability system, from the rearing of the chicks to the marketing of the end product. For us, this is the guarantee of well-bred poultry!


The eggs from which our poultry will develop are hatched in incubators. When only a few hours old, the chicks (our future hens, guinea fowl and turkeys) are transported to poultry farms, where they will grow until they are taken for slaughter.


From basic cereals to nutritious animal feeds

There are several stages in the production of our poultry feeds: careful selection of raw materials, formulation of rations appropriate to the birds’ stage of growth, then the manufacturing process that will yield high-quality feed...

In compliance with regulations, the cooperative checks that these feeds are up to standard by applying a raw materials monitoring plan.

Triskalia has its own poultry feed production units, which means the company can ensure complete traceability through all links of the chain. Our birds are fed on an exclusively vegetable diet (mainly cereals such as maize and wheat), plus minerals and vitamins.

Our farms are subject to rigorous technical supervision

Our producers are supported by advisors who assist them in the management of their farms. They are required to abide by strict rules and keep records relating to hygiene, environmental factors and the conditions in which the birds are reared (feeding, housing), to ensure animal welfare. Vets are also involved in the health monitoring process.

The processing stage

Once the birds have been transported to the slaughterhouse, systematic health checks are performed. They are killed humanely in compliance with animal welfare legislation.

The birds are then sorted on the basis of health-related and visual criteria, in line with regulations and the relevant specifications. Numbers are used to identify each batch of poultry, to make clear the provenance of the birds, the diet they have been reared on and the destination of the various products.

Application of all these measures makes it possible to trace their progress at every stage from incubator to retail outlet.