Our distribution circuits

Our distribution circuits


As a poultry specialist, Ronsard markets an extensive range of products to satisfy the largest possible number of consumers.

Our presence in the General Distribution sector

To meet the new challenges facing poultry producers and seriously engage with our customers for the long term, Ronsard has adopted a market-oriented form of organisation:

Mass market

- Frozen products (Home-Service, Freezer Center)

- Food Service (Wholesalers, Industrial enterprises, Local Authorities…)

This means we are able to meet their needs and requirements under the Ronsard brand name or on an own-brand or PAI basis. 3]

Our presence in export markets

Ronsard is a big player in the frozen Christmas turkey market, exporting birds to thirty or so countries around the world. We also specialise in ready-cooked smoked products, both joints and whole birds.

Our presence in the Selective Distribution sector

Our Bresse sites are organised, from selection to delivery, so as to be able to meet the needs of catering trade members.

We have three dedicated brands and partners serving the restaurant sector, butchers/caterers and specialised food retailers.