Our processed uncooked products



At Ronsard, we deploy all our skills to create products that will be popular with children and adults.

In response to changes in consumer behaviour and growing interest in food generally, we are constantly working to make our recipes tastier, more authentic and more enjoyable.

Our processed uncooked products are oven/microwave-ready and can be enjoyed once they are cooked right through. Use them as and when you feel like it.


Timeless traditional recipes

Meat nicely tied with string always has a traditional appeal. We prepare chicken and turkey in this style, packaged in different ways, either fresh or frozen.

spec_paupiette_dinde spec_paupiette_poulet spec_roti_dinde  spec_roule_dinde

Recipes with extra flavour

A turkey breast stuffed with a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth mixture tasting of sun-dried tomatoes or mushrooms.

spec_ballotins_tomate  spec_paupiette_tomate  spec_roti_farci_tomate  spec_roti_farci_champ

Innovative recipes, designed for convenience and, of course, maximum culinary pleasure.

No rashers of bacon, no string. Instead, we offer a reassuring range of products without preservatives or food colourings, ideal for all sectors of the catering trade and for younger consumers.

spec_involvini   spec_involvini_pesto

Because children are our future customers, at Ronsard we make sure we do not neglect them.

A range of mince patties of a size and soft texture that is ideal for children. A 40g portion is easy to pan-fry, grill on a plancha or slip into a bun to make an adult-style burger.

spec_palet_volaille   spec_palet_volaille_bruger