Processed cooked products


Our processed cooked products are ready to serve, hot or cold. An ideal range of products for a quick meal on the go.

Products you can enjoy as part of a family meal, as a snack, or simply use in a recipe.


Our roast chicken range

Because pleasure goes hand in hand with convenience, at Ronsard we have developed a new bag for our roast chicken.


To make your picnics a success, we propose 2 tasty roast chicken recipes.

A poulet herbes provence Poulet rôti paprika

For a meal on the go, we offer chicken portions with convenience in mind.



Our smoked range

For lovers of smoked products, we offer both whole chickens and chicken portions smoked over a beech-wood fire.

For export markets, we also produce a range of smoked chicken portions, frozen and packed in sachets.

poulet_fume1  poulet_fume2  CUISSES POULET FUMEES GEL

Roast chicken portions

For a scratch meal, a TV dinner, or for use in a more complex recipe, we offer succulent chicken portions, with a golden, roasted appearance and delicious roast-chicken flavour. A handy product to keep in your fridge for any occasion. They can be eaten cold or warmed up in the microwave in their packaging.

decoupe_roti_1   decoupe_roti_2

Our snack range

For an enjoyable barbecue or a TV dinner, at Ronsard we produce a range of full-flavoured, colourful snacks.

pilons_poulet_1  pilons_poulet_2  pilons_poulet_3

Classic recipes

We propose 2 classic pre-cooked roast ready meals. They can be eaten hot of cold. And you have a choice: chicken or turkey.

recette_incodi_1  recette_incodi_2

Our potted meat range

Three delicious recipes for preparing salads, quiches or stir-fry meals.

In keeping with tradition, our potted meats are carefully selected and cooked in duck fat.

confits_1     confits_2     confits_3