Our speciality frozen products


Ronsard is renowned for its poultry-based specialities. Special products made with care using birds born and bred, slaughtered and processed in France. The birds are fed on a diet that is exclusively plant-based with minerals and vitamins. All the products in our speciality range are produced in Brittany, at our Bignan facility.

These frozen products are packaged in bulk, in sachets or under shrink barrier film. They change over the seasons (we have a summer range and a range for the festive season) and are designed to correspond to trends and expectations in our different markets. With this in mind, at Ronsard we encourage innovation and foster a culture of high quality and service.


Our convenience specialities

Our pre-cooked frozen processed products are ready to eat hot or cold, providing an ideal range of products for a quick meal or food on the go.
Products you can enjoy with the family meal, as a snack, or simply as a culinary aid.

We offer a full range of specialities and products to suit all needs, whether breaded or roasted portions, or smoked or confit whole birds.

For export markets, we also produce a range of smoked chicken portions, frozen and packed in sachets.

RONSARD Gesiers Poulet 300g   Cordon bleu 500g   CUISSES POULET FUMEES GEL   POULET CUIT RONDARD FUME etiq bd

Summer range

A key player during the barbecue and picnic season, Ronsard offers a range of kebabs, sausages, and portioned poultry, originating from France, marinated in summer flavours and colours.


Our range of festive products.

Our selection of stuffed frozen poultry to share. Our cooked stuffings are prepared using high quality ingredients that perfectly complement the tenderness of a capon or the subtle flavour of a guinea fowl.

For Christmas 2015, the Ronsard chef has created some innovative recipes, inspired by Genoa-style pC"tisserie, that will appeal to even the most demanding tastebuds. To comply with contemporary trends, we offer a selection of smaller portions, ideal for a festive meal with your partner or with friends.

festif_farcies_chapons   RONSARD Ballotins morille Armagnac Surgele

The Ronsard difference

As the turkey is the traditional dish par excellence in Germany, we offer a jointed, marinated and frozen half turkey, in an oven-ready aluminium tray.

Allemagne Ronsard Demi dinde marinée découpée

We also cater for international markets, with a range of frozen smoked products, packaged in bulk or sachet.