Summer range

Our summer range


Ronsard plays a key role during the barbecue and picnic season, inviting consumers to make the most of the sunshine while enjoying a wide variety of poultry-based sausages, turkey kebabs, marinated chicken portions and various pre-cooked products, ready to be eaten hot or cold in the great outdoors.

As enjoyment of food and authenticity go hand in hand, at Ronsard we take care to ensure the natural wholesomeness of our products, avoiding artificial flavourings, food colourings and preservatives as much as possible.

Our sausages

Ronsard sausages, free of preservatives, food colourings and additives, are a welcome part of all shared meals.

saucisse_volaille  saucisse_volaille2  saucisse_volaille3

Our kebabs

Because they are the mainstay of the barbecue, at Ronsard we market a range of plain and marinated kebabs for outdoor dining in packs of 4, 8, 12, 20 and loose, both fresh and frozen.

brochettes_volailles1  brochettes_volailles2  brochettes_volailles

Our classics

We liven up our ready-to-grill chicken and turkey portions with a host of exciting flavours.

Our Mexican, paprika and Provencal marinades go down a treat, awakening a longing for distant climes.

For this summer (2015), we are featuring Italian and citrus-flavoured products in our barbecue range.

incontournable_1_provencale  incontournable_2_volaille_tomate  incontournable_3_agrumes  incontournable_4_paprika  incontournable_6_provencale

Our mixed trays

We are offering some delicious jointed, finely sliced, plain or marinated chicken and turkey portions, based on a summer theme for lovers of grills, plancha-cooked food and tapas.

plateau_1  plateau_2  plateau_3

Our pre-cooked products

For picnics and scratch meals, we offer a wide range of pre-cooked products with convenience in mind. They can be reheated or eaten cold.

Whether you go for roast chicken, snack food or use the products as ingredients in other recipes, this range is bound to please the whole family and friends during the summer period.

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