Chicken is an excellent source of proteins. Because we are so used to it, the flavour and tenderness of the meat sometimes comes as a pleasant surprise. Chicken perfectly combines balanced nutrition with the sheer pleasure of good eating. A whole chicken, or chicken joints, can be prepared in a thousand and one different ways. The meat is delicious both hot and cold.

Oven-ready chicken

A roast chicken for Sunday lunch is the classic family meal, a generous dish which brings people together around the table and is universally popular, appealing to young and old. Do you remember the aromas coming from a roast chicken during your childhood? For a family event, when friends get together or for a Sunday meal, a chicken almost always fits the bill.

It can be served in pieces in a couscous or tajine, in the Basque style, or simply roasted whole with plenty of potatoes.


Chicken portions

We produce chicken portions from different breeds, some with white and some with yellow meat.

Popular with all members of the family, these delicious chicken portions are easy to cook whatever the occasion. There are many ways of preparing them, mostly quick and convenient.

At Ronsard, we market a wide range of different-sized portions, both white and red meat, prepared with care to ensure consistent quality.

  • Our white-meat portions

A favourite with children!

poulet_blanc1 poulet_blanc2 poulet_rouge1

  • Our dark-meat portions

These portions are ideal for preparing recipes of different kinds, traditional or exotic, for the whole family or for just one person, sophisticated or straightforward.

poulet_rouge2 poulet_rouge3    poulet_cuisse