Our values

Our values

Willingness to innovate, concern for quality, precision, customer satisfaction and responsibity are values shared by all our employees. Values central to our view of the world as a poultry specialist.

Willingness to innovate


Willingness to innovate is an aspect of our desire to improve the quality of life of our customers.



“From farmyard to fork!”

Having total control over the production process, at Ronsard we have been able to introduce a complete traceability system, from rearing chicks to marketing the end product.



Our employees are committed to creating value and to establishing constructive social relationships. We can rely on their integrity, flexibility, respect for one another and team spirit.

Being rooted in the local community


As a member of the “Produit en Bretagne” association, determined to contribute to the development of our local region, Ronsard supports this regional collective label, which is well known to consumers.

Learn more about the “Produit en Bretagne” association



To comply with existing regulations and in response to consumer concerns, Ronsard has introduced a quality management system which has involved qualifying for IFS and BRC certification.

The Clean Label initiative

valeurs4Our concern to satisfy consumers is also expressed in the special attention we devote to our processed products. All our uncooked poultry products are made from birds born and bred in France and fed on a diet consisting 100% of plant material, minerals and vitamins.

We take care to ensure the authenticity of our product ranges, if possible avoiding the use of to flavourings, artificial food colourings and preservatives.

Balanced nutrition


A balanced diet is a prerequisite of good health, fitness and joie de vivre. Our role in ensuring balanced nutrition is to contribute to the French dietary model by supplying poultry meat recognised as having a low fat content.

Customer satisfaction

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In developing our business, we aim to listen to our customers and adapt our products, quality management procedures and advertising to the needs of the markets in which we operate. Achieving total customer satisfaction is our primary concern.