The quality of our business

Customer satisfaction is a matter of vital concern for us at Ronsard and an integral and on-going aspect of our Quality policy.

Customer satisfaction, product quality, risk management and food safety have always been central to the daily running of the business. We are determined to achieve absolute quality at every stage of the process, from product design to marketing.

To comply with existing regulations, and in response to consumer concerns, we have implemented a quality management system which has involved qualifying for IFS (International Featured Standards) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification.



Our reason for seeking IFS certification has come from an increase in consumer awareness/concern and the globalisation of product flows. The IFS system is designed to assess the quality, hygiene and safety of the foodstuffs we purchase from our suppliers. It applies to all stages in the processing of food products downstream from the primary production stage. It is used all over Europe, apart from Great Britain, which uses the BRC quality system.


The purpose of the BRC system, developed in 1996, is to define a common basis for assessing the safety of food products manufactered by own-brand companies on the British market and so standardise quality audits.

The benefits of these certification systems:

- They ensure that the main European distributors achieve an optimum level of quality and food safety management.

- They improve transparency because, once a company is certified, its audit reports are published on the IFS website.

As a result of being certified under both systems, we are effectively bound to maintain a high level of product quality.

  • Ronsard Bignan: IFS certified since 2003 and BRC certified since 2000.
  • Ronsard Ile de France, IFS certified since 2009.
  • Ronsard Losse, IFS certified since 2012

Traceability at Ronsard



“From farmyard to fork!”

Having overall control of our production process, at Ronsard we have been able to introduce a complete traceability system, from rearing of chicks to marketing of the end product.

Discover how we manage the supply chain .

Dealing with allergens

At Ronsard we are committed to not using ingredients containing significant allergens.

In this respect, ours is a unique initiative in the poultry industry, the result of many years work, the aim being to respond to continually evolving consumer concern.

Our Clean Label initiative



In seeking to alleviate consumer concerns, we also pay special attention

to our processed products. All our uncooked poultry products are made using

poultry born and bred in France and fed on a diet consisting 100% of plant material, minerals and vitamins.

We take care to ensure the authenticity of our various ranges of products, reducing our use of flavourings, artificial food colourings and preservatives to a bare minimum.

Maintaining our strong market position

Our end-of-life packaging initiative



At Ronsard we aim to make consumers aware of the existence of sorting and disposal instructions by having appropriate signs printed on our products. We inform the consumer that the packaging of our products is subject to sorting prior to disposal. For this we use the "Triman" symbol.

To find out more: www.quefairedemesdechets.fr – Learn how to sort and dispose of your packaging at www.consignesdetri.fr

Our supply-chain quality initiative

Our free-range poultry bears the best-known quality labels, such as PDO Bresse, Red Label and IGP for our Landes, Ain, Charolais, Orléanais and Lande de Bretagne products, and Red Label for products from the South-West of France (Sud-Ouest brand).

On the strength of our efforts in favour of traditional poultry farming and respect for the product itself, our free-range poultry regularly receive awards and distinctions at the Concours Général Agricole (national agricultural show).




Red Label (Label Rouge)

This celebrated quality label was established on 5 August 1960 at the request of members of the poultry trade. In 1965, the Landes chicken was granted the first quality label in the history of food production.

The Red Label designation guarantees that a product posseses all the characteristics required to make it of superior quality to other similar products. It is based on a rigorous specification which takes into account respect for the environment and animal welfare, as well as superior taste, texture, etc.

Find out more about Red Label certification



Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

The PGI designation is used to identify an agricultural product, processed or unprocessed, whose quality, reputation or other characteristics are associated with its geographical origin. IGP is a matter of expertise. It cannot be conferred on a new product but is applied to existing products, affording them both national and international protection.

Find out more about the Protected Geographical Indication scheme


Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Protected Designation of Origin is applied to a product where the main production stages are performed in accordance with recognised expertise in a single geographical area, which gives the product its special properties. It is a European designation, protecting the product name throughout the European Union.

Find out more about the Protected Designation of Origin scheme

Our own product certification

Ronsard certifies its own products using logos such as "Mosquée d'Evry" (Evry Mosque approved) or "Volaille Française" (French poultry)


Halal certification

Halal certification guarantees that our poultry fulfils the criteria required to comply with the principles and rules laid down for food consumption under Islamic law.

Halal certification covers the product’s intrinsic characteristics, the way it has been produced, processed and packaged, and its marketing.


Volaille Française (French poultry)

This logo is your guarantee that our birds have been born and bred, slaughtered, jointed and processed in France. It attests to the fact that our poultry is produced with respect for the environment and concern for animal welfare.

The label is based on a rigorous specification guaranteeing traceability from farm to supermarket shelf, conformity with French and European health regulations and respect for the right to work.

Find out more about the “Volaille Française” logo