An international presence

An international presence

Ronsard is a major player in export markets, active in some forty countries around the world.



Our international brands enjoy a customised strategy for each market, allowing for integration at an international level.

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Integrating the whole branch, upstream to downstream, from the egg to the plate, our products with national and customer brands are tailored to the expectations of each part of the world in which we operate.

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A specialist in frozen Christmas turkeys, with a dedicated website, Ronsard also specialises in smoked products, both whole and portioned.

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With a presence at an international level, Ronsard adapts to the cultural and dietary customs of the countries to which it exports. Ronsardbs relationship with international markets is based on professionalism, which is evident through its vast range of products that meet customersb expectations, as well as in its logistical expertise.


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Ronsard has a strong presence in European markets, with an office in Germany and a specialism in frozen turkeys.

As a specialist in poultry-based products, Ronsard offers a genuine partnership with its clients.


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